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Benny Mc “War on House”

Born in Dublin Ireland DJ/ Producer/ Remixer Benny Mc has over 20 years of experience with music and founded War On House in 2010. Other DJs are Eddie T, Dec B, Danny Davies who play alongside Benny on War On House

WOH was created based on a passion for House music, using energy, creativity, and a lot of energy Benny Mc will have you on your feet in no time. Benny’s roots are Club and Radio DJ playing he takes you on a different journey every week, one it could be Disco, then next House, the next classics, Benny always looks to give listeners a different set and perspective every week

Using the latest in Tech from Pioneer the WOH Cave is fully equipped – Pioneer V10, Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus x 4, Yamaha HS8 x2, Yamaha HS7 x1 plus an ADJ for lighting and many many more gadgets to ensure the CAVE is ready for the RAVE

Join War On House and Benny Mc on KISS DAB every weekend! Friday from 18.00

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